Measuring Guide

What size should I order if my window is in between sizes?

Sizing also depends on whether or not a product has a standard width deduction. A standard width deduction means that the width measurement will be slightly smaller than the size listed. The standard width deduction is usually between 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch and helps ensure that the product will fit and function correctly when inside mounted.

Please note that many products have a standard deduction included in the sizing. Be sure to check your product's specifications on the order page or check out the listed items here to confirm if this deduction applies.

For an inside mounted installation:

For this mounting style, the shade should be slightly smaller than the window frame in order to sit inside the frame correctly. As a general rule, if your window measurement is within 1/2" or less, order the next size down. If your window measurement is over 1/2", order the next size up.

For an outside mounted installation:

For this mounting style, we recommend rounding your window measurement to the nearest inch and adding 2 to 3 inches extra to find the best size. The product should be slightly larger than the frame for proper coverage.

For Custom Products:

With custom products, standard deductions are only included when an inside mounted installation is selected. We recommend ordering your exact window measurements and any necessary deductions will be included automatically by the production team for the best fit. Including the deduction in your order measurements may impact the best fit for your product.

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